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Integral Solutions, HYDRAULIC 360º

Propose us your IDEA and we will help you DEVELOP IT

COHIMAR SYSTEMS is the business division specialized in the design and development of customized oil hydraulic solutions. We have a highly qualified engineering department, capable of developing comprehensive projects, addressing everything from the initial phases of conception and design, to manufacturing, assembly and testing on a test bench, as well as commissioning, and preventive maintenance service and corrective, offering a 360º comprehensive service.

We have the most advanced design and calculation systems on the market, which allow us to conceptualise and design highly competitive solutions from the outset, simulating their operation, in order to find the solutions with maximum performance and effectiveness.

Commitment to excellence: Specialization, investment and experience in HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEMS

This business vision and commitment to specialisation has been accompanied by a policy of investment and continuous improvement in modern production means, prepared to manufacture and test all the solutions we design and manufacture in accordance with the most demanding quality standards.

Our team has accumulated extensive experience in the development of complex high pressure (HP) systems, with important references in the development of systems for operation up to 2,800 bar pressure, designing integral systems, from the power block to the transmission and distribution and control systems.


Our collaborators

They TRUST us

The solutions that we offer to the market, and that we integrate into our systems, integrate very high quality components, leading internationally recognized brands and world leaders in their activity segments. Partnerships based on relationships of trust, forged over more than 30 years of close collaboration.

These collaborations allow us to offer the market a very broad and diverse catalog of products, with more than 100,000 active references, which allow us to offer comprehensive solutions with high added value to our customers, becoming and positioning ourselves as a strategic Partner in hydraulics.